WZBC 90.3 FM Newton,22th,May,2009

Forward the Bass (NCP)


Bass and beats. Dub reggae, dubstep, techno.

With scott


Fri May 22nd 2009 10.00pm–1.00am

(track list)
10:02pm Chase and Status “Saxon” SINGLE (Ram 2009)
10:06pm Gemmy“BT Tower” SINGLE (Planet Mu 2009)
10:11pm The Others“Bazooka” from Monster Mash EP (Dub Police 2009)
10:15pm Rob Sparx“Sour Grapes” SINGLE (Phreaks 2009)
10:20pm Substep Infrabass“The Unstoppable” from Lowfreq Poland SINGLE (Appiration2009)
10:22pm Stenchman“Atomic Drugs Activated” SINGLE (Bovinyl Moosick 2009)
10:26pm Vesicle“8 Bit Lover” SINGLE (Redvolume 2009)
10:31pm Derlict“Streetfighter” SINGLE (Lick the Wrap 2009)
10:34pm Rare Dynamic“Il Padrino” SINGLE (Lick the Wrap 2009)
10:39pm Intention“Take Me Away” SINGLE (Lick the Wrap 2009)
10:44pm Alpha Rhythm“Light Sleeper” from Big K (Lost Souls 2009)
10:48pm Compound One“Cohaagen” SINGLE (Compound One 2009)
10:53pm Lost“Neck Back” from Hatch and N-Type Present...The Croydon Dubheadz (Sin City 2009)
10:56pm OQTO“Astro Stepper” from Live in Neo SINGLE (Bassab 2009)
10:59pm Push Buttom Objects“360 Degrees instramental” SINGLE (Chocolate Industries 2009)
11:03pm Scuba“Volt” SINGLE (Abucs 2009)
11:06pm Steven Beyer“Ironwood” from Four in One Pocket (Lordag 2009)
11:14pm Andy Kohlmann“Anis Lipstick” SINGLE (Lordag 2009)
11:18pm Steve Lawler“Distrait” SINGLE (Systematic Recordings 2009)
11:26pm MIke Wall“Anoes (Tim Xavier mix)” from Anoes EP (Lordag 2009)
11:32pm Marcel Dettman“Variance III” SINGLE (Sandwell District 2009)
11:38pm Peter Van Hoesen“Empire in Decline” MP3 SINGLE (Time to Express 2008)
11:48pm Regis“Variance III” SINGLE (Sandwell District 2008)
11:50pm Female“Sandwell District” SINGLE (Sandwell District 2005)
11:55pm Thriller“Swarm” SINGLE (Thriller 2009)

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