Furiouz @ Sub FM 080819


SUB FMっていう海賊ラジオで火曜日の夕方担当の

Darkside of Sanctualっていう曲でエンディングでいってます。


Furiouz @ Sub FM 080819


Double Helix - Know Yourself (Unreleased)
Ramsey & Fen - Favourite Part Of Me (El-B dub) (Bug Rec)
Low Density Matter - Transparency (Unreleased)
Nesha - What's It Gonna Be? (Phaze One dub) (Relentless)
Whistla - Bob (Unreleased)
DJ Bigga G - Mind, Body & Soul (Firm Handed)
Fused Forces feat Skanker - Vikings (Unreleased)
Wizzbit - Quantum Leap (Road Rec)
Emi Ono - Moon (forthcoming Hotflush)
Visionary - Acid Flex (Oris Jay Re-flex) (White)
Full Spektrum - Solve The Problem (Unreleased)
Anthony Johnson & Charjan - Gunshot (Free Radical Sound Recordings)
Desto - Bounce (forthcoming Boom Bap!)
Loefah & Skream - Fearless (Tectonic)
The Moody Boyz - Witness The Day (forthcoming Studio Rockers)
Sully - Phonebox (Frijsfo Beats)
Not In my Name - Metamorphis (Unreleased)
Martyn - Natural Selection (3024)
Emi Ono - Kuro Shinju (forthcoming Hotflush)
Naked Lunch - Generation (Breakage remix) (Naked Lunch)
Heny G - Retro Love (forthcoming Gangsta Boogie)
Sully - Wicked Webs (Destructive/Pitch Black)
Caper - Friction (forthcoming Studio Rockers)
Peverelist - Infinity Is Now (Tectonic)
Fused Forces - What's The Matter Sonny? (Unreleased)
RSD - Speeka Box (Punch Drunk)
Sully - Cherry Bomb (Sonic Boom)
Search & Destroy - Transcent (Destructive/Pitch Black)
Clone A Side - Family Business (Fused Forces remix) (Unreleased)
TRG - Hoods Up (Subway)
Fused Forces - Can't See Me (forthcoming Despicable Bullys)
Dom - On The Sly (Clandestine Cultivations)
Elemental & 3D - Kaotic (Runtime)
Scarecrow - Moonlight (Destructive/Pitch Black)
Full Spektrum - Red Sky (forthcoming Mata-Syn)
Caspa - Big Headed Slags (Sub Soldiers)
Fused Forces - Animal (Unreleased)
Caspa - For The Kids (Dub Police)
OQTO & OANON - Darkside Of Sanctual (Unreleased)